Governance at Greyrock Commons

As an owner or renter you are eligible and expected to take a role in the governance of Greyrock which is based on consensus decision-making . The only distinction between an owner and renter is that renters do not participate in setting the budget for long term maintenance and replacement of capital items.

Ways to participate include:

  • Attendance at monthly community meetings where issues of concern to the whole community are shared and decisions are made.
  • Availability to be drafted onto the Home Owner's Association.
  • Availability to be drafted onto the board of Uncommon Inc., our for- profit subsidiary which handles the meal program, guest suite fees, LAN and other "commercial activities"
  • Leadership of, or membership on teams which work on projects of interest and importance to the community. Greyrock depends on the volunteer efforts and expertise of different community members. While Greyrock does not currently have any formal "work requirement" for residents, we believe that we are a more cohesive and cooperative community when responsibility is shared.
  • Numerous Greyrock teams provide community residents with opportunities to contribute their unique skills/ expertise while also providing opportunities to learn new skills.

Current Greyrock Teams include:

    • Home Owner's Association
    • Board of Uncommon, Inc.
    • Design Review Committee
    • Process Team
    • Village Landscape Team
    • Meal Team
    • Common House Furnishings Team
    • Local Area Network Team
    • Natural Area Team
    • Garden Team
    • Common House Maintenance Team
    • Children's Team
    • Bee- Keepers
    • The Fun Committee
    • Disaster Preparedness Team
    • Other teams as needed. Some teams even go away (!) when they finish their task!