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To contact us, please Fill In The Form Below to help us keep inquiries organized and for the quickest response. 

What's the advantage of filling in the form below? When you fill in this form, your responses are automatically added to a spreadsheet (no human intervention needed) to which all members of Greyrock have access through our members website (which is different than this public website and only our members can access). This way whenever a member wants to view prospects looking to buy or rent they can immediately access the spreadsheet and have constantly updated information. Cool, isn't it?

In addition to the above, an email of your responses is sent to a small team of volunteers. Sometimes we receive more inquiries than our volunteers can accommodate. Because of this our response may be delayed. If you would like a response and haven't heard back within a few weeks, please feel free to contact us again.

To understand more about Greyrock Commons be sure you look through this web site via the navigation menu at the top or by reading essays about life at Greyrock Commons, and other cohousing communities, in the book "Reinventing Community" edited by David Wann.

If for some reason the form does not work (technical issues happen), please, only then, send an email to the following and let us know you had trouble with the form: