Greyrock Commons

Common House

Greyrock chickens

Winter light

Garden zinnias

Post workday gathering


Greyrock Commons was completed in 1997.  A resident-driven development, it began with a small group of six families who shared the desire for a supportive, multigenerational neighborhood. Using  Cohousing as our model, we planned a community that prioritized people, human connection, and nature.  Over four years, we grew from 6 to 30 households working together to make a multitude of decisions using consensus.  We purchased land, secured financing, hired professionals, designed buildings, navigated county permitting, oversaw construction, installed landscaping, and watched our vision become reality!  What had been a depleted 16-acre cornfield slowly grew into what is now Greyrock Commons: a thriving, friendly, and inclusive neighborhood on the rural edge of Fort Collins.    

Greyrock Commons is located three miles northwest of "Old Town" Fort Collins. With spectacular views of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains rising one mile to the west.  We enjoy easy access to biking and hiking trails, proximity to the Poudre River, and a City of Fort Collins Natural Area right next door!  Greyrock includes 30 energy efficient townhomes of various sizes clustered on six acres, each with its own front porch and small yard or garden.  The homes surround a central green, perennial gardens,  a play area, and a much loved Common House.  

The remaining 10 acres includes a large community garden, a community composting system, outbuildings (including a chicken coop and flock of laying hens), and a passive solar shop/studio with an adjoining garage for short term equipment repairs.  A carefully restored Natural Area occupies the furthest north 5 acres and offers a beautiful and rich haven for wildlife and people.  

Since the very beginning, the Greyrock community has valued the diverse experiences, talents, ages, and perspectives of its members.  Vibrant and dynamic,  Greyrock's continued evolution reflects the principles of respect, responsibility, and consensus decision-making.  Our mission statement helps us remain focused and informs community processes and decisions.

Mission Statement

We are a group of people seeking to build a cohesive, cooperative community based on respect, responsibility, and shared human and material resources.

We encourage and accept a diverse membership, representing a variety of ages, professional, family structure, and ethnic, cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

We understand that building community is a fluid, evolving process to which each of us contributes. As we move along this path, we expect course corrections and value learning from our missteps.

We are dedicated to consensus decision-making.

We value living lightly on the earth and pledge the wise use of our natural resources. We also value a sense of family with each other and relationship with the larger community, a safe environment for growing and learning, and privacy balanced with cooperative living.

We therefore join together to create, nurture and sustain a cohousing community in Fort Collins, Colorado.